Sporting events in CIC Puerto Vallarta

The International Convention Center is an ideal venue for meetings, tournaments and sports competitions of all levels. Learn more about the advantages of organizing a sporting event at the CIC Puerto Vallarta.

Sport is an activity that not only tests the physical capabilities of human beings, but also the intelligence to work as a team. Sport contributes to improve health, the quality of life of people and for decades, to generate economic development of a locality, state or country.

Luckily, sports in Puerto Vallarta vibrate in every corner of the bay.

Puerto Vallarta, a favorite destination for sporting events 

Puerto Vallarta is a paradise. The climate and its natural beauties are the main attraction. These elemental factors drive the desire of sportsmen and organizers to carry out any type of competition or sports tournament in this destination.

In recent times, the realization of sporting events in Puerto Vallarta has been in vogue. The economic and social benefits it generates are of great impact. The organization that revolves around a sporting event involves a great number of people. From transportation (foreign buses, cabs, drivers of transportation platforms), to hotels, restaurants and of course sports fields, areas or enclosures that can be conditioned for the realization of tournaments and competitions of all levels. 

Diversity in the sports field is undoubtedly very broad. Hence the importance of establishing guidelines that contribute to the promotion of sports. Good planning, as well as the design and construction of appropriate spaces, represent an important pillar to promote this segment, which is growing every day and leaving a great economic benefit: sporting events. CIC Puerto Vallarta offers a plus as a venue for these projects.

CIC Puerto Vallarta, an ideal place for sporting events

The International Convention Center has all the characteristics to host sporting events of all sizes: 

►Privileged locationOnly 5 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and the bus station. 

►Gran Salón Vallarta: 5 thousand square meters free of columns with a great height for the realization of any sports competition. 

►Rooms and outdoor areas for cocktail parties, dinners, events and massive concerts. 

►Parking for 645 vehicles and 50 buses with capacity for arrivals and departures of up to 2,000 people every 5 minutes.

►Services, air conditioning, furniture and equipment: The CIC has air conditioning and soundproof walls to be able to divide the spaces according to the needs. It also offers internet service, as well as chairs, tables, audiovisual equipment, electronic screens and all that is required for the realization of the event. 

The best sporting events at CIC Puerto Vallarta 

The Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center (CICPV) is a multifunctional venue that, in addition to congresses and conventions, can be used for sporting, artistic and cultural events. 

In the case of sporting events, it has hosted basketball, taekwondo, rhythmic gymnastics, boxing, mixed martial arts, MMA, and a 5-kilometer race. It is important to note that the CIC is a privileged place for sporting events, since some can be private, such as cheerleading events, in which only teams, coaches, participants and their close family members participate. Other events, however, are open to the public. That is, people can attend as spectators, as in the case of boxing and MMA fights, which can receive up to 5 thousand people per event. 

At the international level, the CICPV has received athletes from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and the United States, to name a few.

 In 2021, with the new biosecurity measures adopted by the health board of the Jalisco state government and the economic recovery of the state, 5 sporting events were held, which generated an economic benefit to the destination of more than 130 million pesos (mdp). This income was divided between lodging, food, transportation, sightseeing tours, souvenirs, etc. In addition to 64 room nights and 8,700 participants, only considering the sports segment. 

The CICPV is a safe venue and has everything necessary for the realization of international sporting events, framed by a dream tourist destination.                                                                  

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