CBTiS holds academic event at the Convention Center

The CBTis recognized the best averages of the graduating class and those who participated in the Dual Training Program.

Students of the Center for Technological, Industrial and Service High School (CBTiS) 68 celebrated the end of their studies with an academic ceremony held in the halls of the International Convention Center of Puerto Vallarta (CICPV). Magaly Fregoso Ortiz.

A total of 570 students in the areas of Human Resources Management, Programming, Office Automation, Lodging Services, Accounting and Electromechanics graduated this Tuesday, July 5th, ready to continue their university studies in the best universities in the city.

Norma González Hermoso, director of CBTiS 68, in addition to congratulating the graduates, highlighted the work done through the first generation of the Dual Training System, which aims to alternate the student's training in the educational center and the business environment.

During the event, awards were presented to the students who obtained the best averages of the 2019-2022 generation, whose godfather was the mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, who in addition to congratulating them, urged them to continue their education.

In addition, recognition was given to the students who obtained the best average of the class: Odalis Meza Meza and Gael Alejandro Arias Espiller with a grade of 9.9.

In this way, the students of Human Resources Management, Programming and Office Automation received their documents accrediting them as graduates of CBTiS 68.

In the second block, documents were handed out to the students of the Hospitality Services Specialties, who participated in the Dual Training model and Food and Beverage Preparation.

In the third block, documents were handed out to the graduates of the Accounting and Electromechanics specialties.

The presidium was attended by Adriana Escobedo Castro, head of the DGETI's department of linkage in the state of Jalisco; Ilia Ivet Ávalos Lemos, director of the Centro de Capacitación para el Trabajo Industrial no. 63; Ernesto Sánchez Pérez, regional director of the Ministry of Welfare in Jalisco; Lieutenant Commander General Corps, Roberto Zuriel Pérez; Patricio Confesor Domínguez, First Infantry Captain of the 41st Military Zone; Alejandro Valdés Portilla, Vice President and Counselor of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism; Julio César Castillón Pérez, Vice President of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry, among other personalities.

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