Medical tourism in Puerto Vallarta

The quality of human capital and the availability of first class medical facilities are two of the main advantages of medical tourism in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta's location and proximity make it a desirable destination for medical tourism, attracting people from neighboring countries looking to save medical care costs, receive quality care and enjoy a relaxed environment during their recovery.

Benefits of medical tourism in Puerto Vallarta

There are many benefits to visiting the city for medical treatment. In addition to receiving your treatment, it is a splendid opportunity to relax on the beach, fully restore your body in luxurious spas, enjoy the natural beauty of the bay or delight in the good humor of the locals.

Another great benefit for foreign visitors is the low cost. Medical services in Mexico are affordable and quality care can be received for a fraction of the cost than in the U.S. or Canada. In addition to competitive costs, Puerto Vallarta has a pristine medical infrastructure that allows patients to enjoy a relaxed environment during their recovery.

The city has first-class hospitals with the latest equipment and experienced physicians. In fact, in 2010, Puerto Vallarta was named venue of the International Congress of Medical Tourism in Mexico. Since then, the city has grown to international prominence, and the number of healthcare professionals has increased. The cost of medical care in Mexico is 40% - 80% less than the U.S. or Canada.

Medical services in Puerto Vallarta are accessible to international patients. With the right insurance plan, Mexican medical facilities provide affordable care. Some procedures can be performed without an appointment, and you can combine your medical procedure with a tropical vacation.

Cost of medical tourism in Puerto Vallarta

If you have been thinking about having medical procedures in Mexico, you may be wondering how to pay for them. The good news is that medical tourism in Puerto Vallarta is becoming more affordable and convenient. Although a prior quote is required for each case, the cost of treatments in Mexico is generally lower than in the United States, Canada or European countries.

The medical facilities are fully accredited and adhere to the strict standards of the World Health Organization.. Medical professionals in Puerto Vallarta are also members of national and international health care organizations.

Plastic surgery is another common reason for traveling to Puerto Vallarta. Most insurance companies do not cover it unless it is a medically necessary procedure. Cosmetic procedures and common elective surgeries are available for a fraction of the cost. Some of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the area include liposuction and facelifts.

Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

The city is well connected by air, with 18 non-stop flights from the United States, 14 from Canada and one from Europe. With the recent development of connectivity and increased access to people, Puerto Vallarta has become a growing medical tourism destination.

This region is home to world-class hospitals and medical facilitiesincluding major specialties and a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. For those looking to undergo medical treatment, a trip to the area can help them recover from a procedure and improve their health and quality of life.

In addition to the cost-effectiveness of treatments in Mexico, a visit to the city is also advantageous for those seeking quality medical care abroad. There are a number of world-renowned medical facilities in Puerto Vallarta that offer competitive prices and high quality care. These hospitals are affiliated with the World Tourism Organization (UNT) and the Mexican Council for the Medical Tourism Industry.

medical tourism puerto vallarta

Cost of plastic surgery in Puerto Vallarta

If you are looking for affordable plastic surgery, you may want to consider a trip to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. The region is known for its high quality plastic surgery facilities. Modern hospitals in this area have surgeons certified by the Mexican Board of Plastic Surgery. The cost of plastic surgery in Puerto Vallarta can vary greatly depending on the procedure you wish to undergo.

As in most specialties, the costs of plastic surgery in Puerto Vallarta are significantly lower than in other countries. Many large hospitals offer a wide range of treatments and procedures. Specialized clinics focus on specific treatments, such as liposuction and body contouring. Because Puerto Vallarta is a tourist destination, plastic surgery is more affordable.

Although cosmetic surgery is very popular in Puerto Vallarta, there is also a great international recognition of rehabilitation doctors who perform surgical procedures. to restore mobility and alleviate pain, such as a joint replacement surgery. 

Medical conferences in Puerto Vallarta

In the International Convention Center all types of medical meetings from nutrition to cosmetic surgery have been held, attracting the attention of leading physicians and health care providers from around the world to our beautiful port.

XLIII Annual Meeting of the Mexican Academy of Neurology
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