A Great Fair in Puerto Vallarta

Can you imagine a great fair in Puerto Vallarta? Something like the Guadalajara October Fiestas or the San Marcos Fair, but in this beautiful beach destination.

If a place has the conditions to host an event of such magnitude, it is precisely the Puerto Vallarta Convention Center. This enclosure has a couple of small squares – 2,500 m2 and 3,500m2 respectively– that could be used for food areas and fairground games, as well as a larger square of 21,000 m2, ideal for mounting all mechanical games.

Fairs in Mexico

Mexico is a country where the tradition of attending fairs it is very ingrained in the people. as soon as the fair arrives in the city, the children ask their parents to take them. They could spend the whole day in the fair, riding the rides over and over again. But not only the little ones enjoy the fair; adults also have fun and there is even entertainment focused on them.

And we are not only talking about the most extreme mechanical games, but also about the typical fairground games, where the gentleman tries to win a prize for his partner or vice versa. Furthermore, in the big fairs in MexicoThere are also shows with renowned artists, bar service and exclusive games of chance for adults.

fair in puerto vallarta
Mexico is a country where the tradition of attending fairs it is very ingrained in the people.

have you ever been to Aguascalientes Fair or at October parties from Guadalajara? If you have, you know that, in addition to the games and snacks, there is also a stage where artists perform. The one in Aguascalientes takes place between the months of April and May, while the October parties… Well, in October, of course!

The San Marcos Fair

In the case of the Aguascalientes Fair, also called San Marcos Fair -because it takes place in the area where the temple dedicated to this saint is located– it has two stages where the artists of the moment perform. 

One is known as the Teatro del Pueblo, where performances are completely free. The other scenario is Palenque, where tickets are charged with prices depending on the area. 

In addition to these musical numbers, the San Marcos Fair It also has a cultural and artistic program in other alternative forums, charreria events, bullfighting, commercial and industrial expo, livestock expo, religious events, an area dedicated to a guest country, children's shows and two huge areas of mechanical games. 

Today, the organization of this Mexican fair is so modern that an electronic card with prepaid credit is used to get on the rides. Besides, the Aguascalientes Fair It is famous for its intense nocturnal activity. Within it are installed restaurants, clubs, bars, restaurants and even a casino.

The October Festivities

The October parties They started as the typical town festival in the Agua Azul park in Guadalajara and grew to be one of the biggest events in the city. After the construction of the Benito Juárez auditorium, the fair reached other dimensions, presenting artists both in the auditorium –included in the cost of admission– and in the palenque, where admission has a cost depending on the location.

In general, it is very similar to the Aguascalientes Fair, only a little smaller in terms of dimensions. These two fairs in Mexico They are highly anticipated, both by the people of their cities and by thousands of visitors who travel from their places of origin to be part of these great events. 

A Great Fair in Puerto Vallarta

With the International Convention Center, now we have the possibility of soon having a great fair in Puerto Vallarta like those of Aguascalientes and Guadalajara. In addition to the outdoor areas, the Convention Center it has 5000m2 of interior space with air conditioning, wireless internet, sound-insulating walls and acoustic ceiling, ideal for shows and events at an extra cost. 

It also has a heliport to receive great personalities, parking for 645 cars and 50 buses, a cargo area, ticket offices, a lobby, a foyer, dressing rooms, a press room, a soda fountain, commercial, food and rest areas. Everything to host a great fair in Puerto Vallarta!

If a place in the west of the country has the tourist infrastructure to receive visitors who want to come to the event, it is Puerto Vallarta; commercial alliances could even be established between the hotel industry and the organizers of the fair in Puerto Vallarta so that attendees could purchase their lodging and entry to the fair as a package. 

Let's hope that one day there will be a synergy between municipal authorities and investors so that a great fair in Puerto Vallarta be a reality!

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