CICPV will have an Innovation Center for REDi

The Government of Jalisco through the SICyT will promote the development of entrepreneurial talent through REDi. Interested parties will be able to meet free of charge with mentors, investors, and attend special innovation events.

With the objective of encouraging the development of entrepreneurial talent in Puerto Vallarta, the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICyT) of the Government of Jalisco has launched the executive project of what will be the eleventh REDi.

This project will be located in the facilities of the International Convention Center (CICPV) and will offer entrepreneurship programs, events and special innovation forums.

In this coworking and co-creation space interested parties will be able to meet free of charge with mentors, consultants, investors, potential customers and suppliers.

In this regard, Magaly Fregoso Ortiz, director of the CICPV, pointed out that the alternate lobby area will be enabled, which has 370 m2, and once it is enabled it may be used by the venue's customers, subject to prior reservation.

Marissa Espinoza Ruiz, from the Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology, announced that the space could be ready by October and will have a capacity for 100 people who will be able to carry out different activities simultaneously.

He specified that there are currently 10 REDis in the State, to which the one in Puerto Vallarta will be added and will have an investment of more than 12 million pesos.

The center will offer a training area, creative lab, meeting rooms, coworking area, internet, gaming zone; it is also expected to be an inclusive space with a lactation center and playroom.

Content and training will be available through the State Government's Open Innovation Platform (PLAI), which has an extensive catalog of free courses.

In addition, it will offer businessmen and entrepreneurs face-to-face and virtual services such as business support and business intelligence programs, specialized workshops, forums, coworking and networking spaces, and innovation culture events.

Currently the REDi has spaces in Guadalajara, Ciudad Guzmán, Ocotlán, Zapotlán, Tepatitlán; and the six Tecnológicos Mario Molina of: Mascota, Cocula, Zapopan, Tamazula and Zapotlanejo.

It should be noted that this initiative arises from the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, presided by Alfonso Pompa Padilla, which seeks to decentralize innovation in the state, which traditionally focused on the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and the high-tech sector.

This venue, which is expected to start operations in October, will be completely free of charge, however, it will be necessary to reserve or request the service by calling or sending an e-mail; the request will be made individually and for young and adult people.

It will be open to entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium-sized businessmen and businesswomen, as well as the public interested in developing innovative competencies and skills, and will be located at Av. Paseo de las Flores 505, Colonia Villa Las Flores, Puerto Vallarta.

Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers

The Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers (REDi) is a set of physical and virtual spaces in different regions of Jalisco, suitable for business people, entrepreneurs and those interested in developing innovative skills and competencies, to work on their innovation projects, high impact entrepreneurship, digital transformation, as well as experimentation, co-creation, coworking, training and networking.

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