Advantages of holding events at the CICPV

The Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center is the perfect place for congresses, conventions, incentive meetings, cultural, sporting and social events, with a seating capacity of 5 thousand people.

Holding your event in a tourist destination such as Puerto Vallarta adds an extraordinary touch to your meeting. The CICPV facilities have all the necessary tools and resources to help organizers achieve their goals and ensure that the invited public receives the best experience.

With 13 years of operation, the CICPV is a multifunctional building, that is, it can host congresses, conventions, exhibitions, fairs, sports, social, musical and cultural events.

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The CICPV has a privileged location: 5 minutes from the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport. and bus station. 10 minutes from the exclusive tourist area of Marina Vallarta, 15 minutes from the North Hotel Zone and 20 minutes from the picturesque Malecon and the traditional Romantic Zone.

The International Convention Center of Puerto Vallarta (CICPV) in a multifunctional building with a total area of 7,131 sq. m.2which are distributed as follows: 6 thousand 230m2 on the first floor and 901 m2 on the upper floor; in this area is the Great Hall with 5,000 sq. m. of floor space.2 free of columns and 10 m2 ideal for congresses, conventions, fairs or exhibitions. It has first class amenities:

  • Inclusive spaces
  • Soda fountain
  • Playroom
  • High-speed Internet
  • Own furniture and equipment
  • Parking

The CIC Puerto Vallarta has implemented, since 2019, a sustainability programThe company has also installed recycling garbage cans throughout the facility and energy-saving light bulbs, among other strategies.

These actions are in addition to the CICPV's commitment to providing better servicesThe second half of the year will be devoted to the installation of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Network (REDi), a set of physical and virtual spaces for entrepreneurs to work on their innovation projects.

outdoor events at the international convention center


  • Concerts: They can be held indoors and outdoors, with a capacity of 5 thousand to 21 thousand people, ample parking and accessibility. Indoors we have a height of 10m for the assembly of large stages.
  • Graduations: spacious, air-conditioned rooms, capacity for 300 to 5 thousand people at the same time, easy logistics and support for the organizer.
  • Posadas: They can be held indoors, that is to say, in halls with a capacity of 300 to 5 thousand people, or outdoors with a capacity of 21 thousand people. We have specialized food and beverage suppliers to provide large banquets.
  • Sporting events: The facilities allow the assembly of bleachers, staves, the attendees will enjoy the events with air conditioning. The venue has hanging points for banners and banners as well as audiovisual material, screens and lighting.
  • Congresses and conventions: Close to the airport and the bus station, as well as the main hotel zones, with capacities from 1,500 to 5,000 people, considering plenary sessions, simultaneous rooms or workshops, exhibition areas and poster displays. We have 64 registers on the floor with compressed air outlet, telephone and internet, water and drainage and electric power 110 and 220 whats.


By the end of 2022, 32 events are planned, including the University Fair (October 3), National Congress of Biomedical Engineering (October 5-8)Social Security Workers Union Congress (October 9 and 10), Suppliers Expo 2022 (October 11-13), Adventure Beach Cheer Dance (November 30 and December 1-3) and Puerto Vallarta New Year 2023 (December 31).

suppliers expo

As of the end of May, the events that have taken place at the CIC are as follows Puerto Vallarta have left an economic benefit of more than 592 million pesosthanks to the 53 thousand visitors that have gathered. As of July 23, a total of 32 events have been confirmed to take place, in addition to this, 30 tentative events are in the pipeline.

State-of-the-art facilities at a national level, more than a decade of experience in logistics, specialized suppliers and state-of-the-art equipment in a paradisiacal place of beaches and mountains are some of the many advantages of holding your events at the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center. Make your quotation or contact us:

Jennie Alexandra Melchor
Public Relations
[email protected]

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